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Sonia Hodgin


About Sonia Hodgin

A talented professional from Scottsdale, Arizona, Sonia Hodgin is also an active family member and member of her community in Scottsdale, Arizona.

From the time he was young, Sonia’s son has been involved in their community right next to his mother’s side. Sonia has always been passionate about helping out in her community and giving back to others, and throughout her life and career, she has found ways to do so.

Through getting involved with her son, Sonia Hodgin became an active member of the local Boy Scouts of America troop, Pack 303. For three years, she served as Den Leader for three different ranks: Bear, Webelos 1, and Webelos 2 offering the scouts leadership training, guidance, and self-assurance by tailoring her work to the individual needs of each scout. Later, she served as Fundraiser Chair for the organization;  here, she made sure the donations helped fund camping equipment, uniforms, memberships, tools, and whatever other materials are needed to ensure “no boy is left behind.” To this day, Sonia serves as a Leadership Development Specialist with the BSA, working in the highest training in scouting leadership and offering pow wow courses for adult leadership development for den and cub scout leaders. She has taken leadership training in discrepancies and safety. 

For the past 31 years, Sonia Hodgin has also been a member of the Catholic Diocese of Tucson, working in education and volunteer training. 

Professionally, Sonia Hodgin works with FORMULAIC Inc. as a Master Formulaic 300 Instructor, Consultant, and Mentor, where she’s been for the past decade and a half. Her work takes her throughout Arizona as well as Missouri, California, and Colorado, where she helps investors reinvest in businesses, real estate, and more. She is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded and presently operates multiple businesses. 

As a professional, Sonia has accumulated a massive amount of industry knowledge, gaining experience in areas like investment strategies, new business development, mergers and acquisitions, 1031 exchanges, entrepreneurship, small business, real estate transactions, foreclosures, portfolio management, commercial and residential real estate, foreclosures, business intelligence, investment properties and real estate investment, strategic planning, consulting, and interior design, among others. She has also acquired interpersonal skills that have helped her advance her career, including coaching, negotiation, mentoring, public speaking, customer service, leadership, mentoring, and strategy formulation. 

To learn more about philanthropy and how you can get involved in your community, please check out Sonia Hodgin’s blog page! It is crucial that you seek advice from your own CPA and/or lawyer.

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