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There are few things in life that match the love and bond that a dog brings to a person’s life. Not only do they bring joy into people’s lives, but they also can provide the support and comfort that a person needs. With service animals becoming more common than ever before, countless programs have been created to help connect people with the comfort of a service dog. One of these incredible programs includes Love Lily And Abby. 

What Is Love Lily And Abby?
Love Lily And Abby is an exciting program that provides poochettes for individuals that come personally from service dogs Lily and Abby. As part of the program, the service dogs focus on visiting communities of assisted living facilities to help provide some comfort and respite. Visits with Lily and Abby can be highly beneficial for one’s mental health, especially for those who are struggling to adapt to a new community. 

In addition to visiting assisted living facilities, Love Lily and Abby are also preparing to release the highly anticipated Poochettes. Poochettes are gift bags that will be provided as part of the program and will include a signature heart in every bag. Each heart represents the significance of giving back to the community. Additionally, the sales from each bag will go towards helping elderly individuals who are living on a fixed income and need help with maintaining the roof of their homes. 

Who Are Lily And Abby?
The inspiration behind this incredible program came after seeing the positive impact that service dogs can have on communities like assisted living facilities. Lily is a beautiful Queensland healer mix lab and enjoys visiting the beach, where she chases birds. Her favorite treats include smoked applewood bone marrow and dog treats.

Working alongside Lily is Abby, who is a shitzu. She enjoys playing with bacon balls and sleeps with her stuffed animals every night. Like Lily, Abby is fond of smoked applewood bone marrow and dog treats. Both Lily and Abby are active dogs and make sure to get in a 2-mile walk every day to help keep their energy up.

The poochettes will be launching in October 2021 and will help provide older individuals with the comfort they need. To learn more about Love Lily and Abby, visit